Leaking, broken or loose? It should be fixed or mounted?

Don't worry, we love to fix things!

Consider it Done!

How does it work?

1. Look around in your property and collect all the problems that has to be fixed. Take photos of them.

2. Send us an email with your contact information, a short description of the issues you found and with the photos you took

3. Our colleague will call you to find the right time for fixing these problems

Our services


Our two-member maintenance teams are trained and equipped to solve various problems in your property

About our Services

Should you have any questions, call

+36 70 369 20 23

How much does it cost?

Our prices consist

Mobilization fee in Budapest and its suburbs:

4,000 Ft

  fast van


Cost per 30 minutes:


4,000 Ft / crew





Cost of material used or built in